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06 Sep 2013

So for the past few months I’ve been spending my working hours at a little share space called Gangplank.

This is a collaborative workspace based in Chandler (although there are other’s popping up all over the place) that does things a little differently. First off, it’s completely free to go work there! The first day I walked in and was shown around, this was described as removing barriers. “Gangplank is all about removing barriers. You’ll notice few physical barriers to encourage collaboration. The space is free to use removing financial barriers…” quite an impression!

You know what they say about first impressions. Next week the gangplank community is deciding if they’d like to take me on as an anchor. While there isn’t a set in stone definition for what an anchor is, the idea is that it labels members of the community who are willing to do that little bit extra to ensure that we all get to work and live in the space we want. You can only become an anchor with a unanimous vote so I’ll update here with the result!