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Apprentice.IO - Week 11
24 Aug 2014

This week was the thoughtbot summer summit, a yearly get together of all the offices to get to know each other a little better. This year the summit was at the San Francisco office. Those of us in Boston flew out Thursday and most, including me, are flying back Sunday.

The emphasis of the summit was really getting to know each other better. Mornings usually had some sort of outing/activity, afternoons were filled with lightning talks and evenings going out for dinner then heading back to the office for drinks. Chad gave an illuminating speech about the direction of the company, emphasizing that the main goal has been, and always will be, for thoughtbot to be a place we want to work. We want to do the things we love with people we enjoy spending our time with.

Before the summit I did some more work on our breakable toy and ran into an issue with Ember and SVG elements. We’re building the game board using an SVG and I’m generating elements using ember components and views. I’d put a fair bit of time into the game board, and when I noticed that bindings were simply not working I started googling. Turns out, this is a known issue, and the latest versions of ember have exposed some of the metamorph internals so that custom elements can be added when special support is required. I found this patch for handling SVG tags in ember and converted it into an initializer. I also translated to coffeescript:

# app/initializers/
`import Ember from "ember"`

SvgInitializer =
  name: "svg"
  initialize: ->
    Ember._metamorphSvgTags = [

    Ember._metamorphSvgTags.forEach (tag) ->
      Ember._metamorphWrapMap[tag] = [1, "<svg>", "</svg>"]

    applyClasses = (elem, value, fn) ->
      classes = value.split(" ")
      Ember.$(elem).each ->
        item = this
        fn(item, cls) for cls in classes when cls

    Ember.$.fn.addClass = (value) ->
      applyClasses this, value, (elem, cls) ->
        elem.classList.add cls

    Ember.$.fn.removeClass = (value) ->
      applyClasses this, value, (elem, cls) ->
        elem.classList.remove cls

`export default SvgInitializer`

I’m not sure if an initializer is the correct place for this code, so let me know if you think it isn’t.