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Apprentice.IO - Week 8
03 Aug 2014

This was my final week of my second month, next week I start with my new mentor Joël and start my final month as a thoughtbot apprentice.

I ordered a mechanical keyboard. There are a couple of developers here using them and I’d been interested before coming here, but fellow apprentice Justin (who just got offered a full time position! Gratz!) introduced me to massdrop. They are selling a split layout keyboard that looks awesome. Although the drop has ended, you can find it here to see what I’ve gotten myself in for.

I spent Monday through Thursday working on bugs for the client and pairing on some refactors. All pretty standard stuff although for one refactor we did end up making a few query objects which I’ve never done before but I liked the pattern. I also spent a little time on ember projects and spent a fair amount of time working out api-stubs for testing vs development but I think I may dedicate a post to the topic.

Friday we fleshed out the diplomacy app a bit more. It very exciting working with a designer as the material he produces seems like wizardry to me. It’s nice showing other developers ember as it’s something I’m loving more and more.