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Apprentice.IO - Week 7
27 Jul 2014

This last week I spent more time on client work which I found productive. The coding itself was not all that interesting, but getting used to thoughtbot’s git flow and pull request process was awesome. At the beginning of the week I made plenty of small pull requests and got used to using all my git aliases. I also managed to get my dotfiles in order and you can find them here on github.

I spent some of my time working on an internal application and the best part of Wednesday and Thursday pairing with another thoughtbotter, Melanie, on a huge refactor of a class on our client project. Currently we only have some extensive tests in preparation to delete all the code and start from scratch. The class itself is about 400 lines long and 370 of those lines are in a single method. Scary stuff to refactor with no tests! To be honest it took us a while to work out the intent of the code.

I’m going to cut this blog post short as I’ve just moved to a new apartment with my wife and baby girl. Just wanted to keep up posting once a week!