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Apprentice.IO - Week 2
22 Jun 2014

This week I read through the excellent Dive into HTML5 by Mark Pilgrim. If you haven’t already, it’s definitely worth the read.

I don’t have an awful lot I’d like to talk about but I want to ensure I make a post every week even if it’s relatively bare. To be honest I’ve been concentrating a lot on getting my family over from Arizona, and now that I’ve got most of the details worked out I’m going to be focusing more on code. I did get introduced to an internal project for project management that’s built using ember.js so I’m looking forward to working more on that.

Next week we’re moving onto a separate project for the week so it’s going to be fun doing some more solo work.

The code review process is far simpler than I’d anticipated and I feel silly for being nervous about it before. It’s awesome knowing that before anything you do is committed to master, everyone else on the team is going to check it out. It give me far more confidence when things get merged.