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Pair Programming
23 Nov 2013

Previously, I had mentioned signing up for thoughtbot’s learn prime and so far I’ve completed two of the workshops and tired to be fairly active on the forums. They’re currently experimenting with setting up study groups of 5-10 people to explore programming topics as a group. I joined and the first weeks exercise was to pair program with someone else in the group. The code in question was to make the game battleship. I paired with another Englishman and the experience was pretty awesome. Here’s what we came up with and although its not finished I think we’re both pleased with sticking to TDD and getting this far. The exercise was less about building the application and more about pairing with someone.

We used tmate to share a terminal and the whole thing was fairly seamless. We had Skype open to talk to each other and it took us a little while to readjust to Vim as opposed to Mac Vim but the whole thing was easier then I has anticipated.

Next I’d like to start using tmux more throughly and maybe move back to command line Vim… I just need to work out how I’m going to handle all my command bindings!