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Tell Me When It Closes: Bookmarklet
09 May 2017

This article was originally posted on the thoughtbot blog here

About a month ago we launched Tell Me When It Closes, a service for getting less noise from GitHub issues/pull requests and more signal. At thoughtbot we believe we can always be improving, from the big issues down to the smallest things like having to copy and paste a URL.

Introducing Our Bookmarklet

If a picture is worth ten thousand words then a gif may be invaluable:


Checkout these instructions for installation.

The Impetus

The following tweet:

Iteration One

Neat, but I think we can make setting up this bookmarklet even easier.

Iteration Two

We’ve added a page to the site describing how you can setup with a bookmarklet on desktop and mobile. Let talk briefly about the two solutions.


On desktop, we provide a link which you can drag straight to your bookmarks, and that’s it!


This ended up being a little tricker. We’ve added a button to copy the bookmark link into you clipboard and then you’ll need to create a bookmark and edit the URL to have the copied text.