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Up and Running!
13 Jun 2013

So I’ve started a blog.

I’ve been out in the “real world” for almost three years now, two of which I’ve been rapidly learning to develop web-applications. Two years ago I decided to learn ruby. The main aim was to start working with rails but all the internet gurus said “Without ruby one can be a good rails developer, but with ruby you will be a great rails developer!”.

So I hit all the classics. Rails for Zombies, Why’s Poignant Guide and of course Ruby on Rails Tutorial by Michael Hartl. These got me started but a company funded, week long ruby and rails course put on by marakana really got me serious.

Anyway one of the great things about learning to code today is that everything worth working with is open source. This means that it’s easier then ever to find other developers working with the same tools. Which means we can shamelessly share our code and solve each others problems.

Most of the problems I come up against while I’m coding are usually solved by some nice person who sat down one night and wrote about how they solved a tough issue with their code today. I have been feeding off this delicious community for two years and now I feel comfortable enough to maybe try and give something back.